Team Dassault Systèmes 2018 Gear Order

Fill out the information below to reserve your Team Dassault Systèmes 2018 cycling gear. All orders are due by 23 March 2018. Gear should be back from manufacture mid to late May.

The jersey design is shown in the image below:

Jerseys are available in both unisex/men's and women's fit with the following options/prices:

  • 3/4 zip or full zip in either club (looser fit) or race (tighter fit) jersey for $61.
  • full zip "Elite" club fit jersey for $77. This jersey has a lighter weight body material, mesh side panels, and gripper elastic on rear waist.
  • full zip "Pro" race fit jersey for $82. This jersey has a smooth stretch body material, mini-mesh side panels, and slightly longer, 2 panel sleeves.

Note that for the last two years, there have been a few sizing issues due to "growing pains" with our manufacturer starting to use overseas production. This year, they will be using full US production as they did in 2015 and earlier so sizing should hopefully not be an issue.

Below is an image of the short design for those that are interested in shorts. Shorts are available in regular shorts for $73 or bibs for $83. This year's shorts are a new design, matching the new jersey and will have "powerbands" at the bottom matching the appearance of the stripes on the jersey sleeves.

All items are very high quality produced by VOMax ( locally in Massachusetts.


  • SIZING: All sizing is the same as last year (with the exception that sizing issues from the past 2 years should be resolved). Individuals ordering for the first time can click here for sizing information. All values in the sizing document are in inches.
  • Since these are custom ordered, the size you order is the size you get (there will not be the opportunity to exchange) so please carefully consider what size to order.
  • Money will be collected after the order has been placed at the end of March.

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